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金手指用的是ocarina,游戏代码SMNE01 光盘上写的是完美破解版
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Full Invincibility All Players [Thomas83Lin]
04146078 38001078

Transformation Asmv.2 [Thomas83Lin]
C2140F58 00000008
3EC08154 62D6B804
7C1FB000 40820028
3EC0803A 82D61AC8
2C161000 40820018
3AB50001 2C150006
40810008 3AA00000
92BF14E0 808314E0
60000000 00000000

*Single Player Only*
*Press- Change Suit*

Get Yoshiv.2 [Thomas83Lin]
C205FBFC 00000004
3EC0803A 82D61AC8
2C160400 4082000C
3A600002 92640000
7C04282E 00000000

Hold B While entering Level or Tube*

Turn Star Power On\Off [Thomas83Lin]
28C69D02 FBFF0400
CC000000 00000000
0554C874 00000030
E0000000 80008000

*Press B on Wiimote*
*Star Adress Found by SirPalax*

Turn Star Power On\Off [Thomas83Lin]
28C69D02 F7FF0800
CC000000 00000000
0554C874 00000030
E0000000 80008000

*Press C on NunChuck*
*Star Adress Found by SirPalax*

All Worlds & Levels\Secret Routes Unlocked\All Stars\All hint movies [Thomas83Lin]
08C7FECC 000000FF
21600004 00000000
08C8055C 01010101
20100004 00000000
04C7FE90 00000101
04C7FE94 01010101
04C7FE98 01010100
04C7FE60 0E00FE00
0553E514 00008D87

*Only Save Slot 1*

All Worlds Unlocked [Thomas83Lin]
04C7FE90 00000101
04C7FE94 01010101
04C7FE98 01010100

*Only Save Slot 1*

All Hint Movies Bought [Thomas83Lin]
08C8055C 01010101
20100004 00000000

*Only Save Slot1*

Exit on Unfinished Level [Thomas83Lin]
040CE3D0 3800006C

level stays black after you beat it but lets you move on to the next level, and once you save then later start the game again without the code the levels go to there normal blue color

Change Quick Save to Regular Save Option [Thomas83Lin]
0492FD00 38000002

Change Green Yoshi's Color [Thomas83Lin]
077F92DC 00000008
XXXXXxxx 00003BE0

Blue 3FB79FB0 Red 3FB781C0 Yellow 3FB790B8

Moon jump Press B [Thomas83Lin]
283A1ACA FBFF0400
0554B8F0 40000000
48000000 8154B82C
DE000000 80008180
140000C8 40000000
E0000000 80008000

*WiiMote Only*
*Recommend Single Player Works with Yoshi Also*
*Partial Credit to Mdmwii*

Inf. powerups [schooluser]
015DBB77 00000063
015DBB7B 00000063
015DBB7F 00000063
015DBB83 00000063
015DBB87 00000063
015DBB8B 00000063
015DBB8F 00000063

*only tested with save slot 1*
*sets each item to 99 but display*
*of inventory messes up if you use*
*too many, still works though*

always have item all 4 ppl all codes needed on multiplayer [12201]
0554CCE4 0000000x
01549FCF 0000000x
015472B7 0000000x
0154459F 0000000x

first line belongs to hetoan 3 parts of this code are mine the first line is hetoans
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