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[工具] WiiDownloader v5.4 PC端帮你下 载Wii自制程序和破解程序的中文工具

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WiiDownloader v5.4  一个pc端帮你下 载Wii自制程序和破解程序的工具,由kavid 汉化 作者Actar


1,安装.net framworks 3.5
2,此程序是在windows系 统下,并且电脑必须是联网的


------------ APPLICATION ------------
Application Changelog

[v4.0] 27/05/2013
Little changes in error description (for a further wiki page)
Great changes in my life: Two days ago I became father of a beautiful girl!!! =D

[v3.5] 12/05/2013
Add a message in cause of time-out using external applications (99% is a firewall/antivirus problem)

[v3.4] 02/05/2013
Fixed an issue in case of bad download (wrong MD5) for tools file from code.google

[v3.3] 14/04/2013
Add function for extract .tar.gz archive

[v3.2] 05/04/2013
Added some message (in more language) for explain why is necessary to put MAC address (using "mod your Wii")
Some other little fixes

[v3.1] 04/04/2013
Some graphic adjust for user with DPI setting to 125 % (with 150 actually Wiidownloader is quite bad)
Now application will take admin privileges at start-up

[v3.0] 27/03/2013
Some little change in credits (more clean page)
No big changes, only for say that until no one will report me a problem: NO MORE RELEASE. ;) .. I'm try only to keep update database.

[v2.9] 23/03/2013
Added option for enable/disable console view when external program are used. This is useful in case of problem for check easily where is the problem.
A little fix for base downloaded in Hermes cIOS: now creation for 224 Hermes cIOS is a little bit faster
Changed a parameter in function for start external program (useshellexecute = true).

[v2.8] 12/03/2013
Now all is hosted in code.google
Some graphics change
Changed function in start-up check
Improved off-line mode

[v2.7] 12/02/2013
Changed function for get file name to download in Editor

[v2.6] 06/02/2013
Changed function for execute external program
Added NaxoR93 in credits for translations
"Probably" NO MORE RELEASE (if no one have problem with this obviously)
[v2.6] 02/06/2013
- Changed function for execute external program
- Added NaxoR93 in credits for translations
- "Probably" NO MORE RELEASE (if no one have problem with this obviously)
- Return to Hackmii Installer 1.0 (there is already the link in bootmii.org)
This becouse with the new title ID will be so much problem with so much homebrew.

- Add a message box at the end of download (if no problem as occured) when using the script for create the guide.

- Update search in bootmii.org for new Hackmii Installer 1.2

- Update search in bootmii.org for new Hackmii Installer 1.1[v1.9.1] 11/22/2012
- LIttle correction in tutorial creatng.

[v1.9.0] 11/17/2012
- Make some little change in the "About Your Wii" menu.

[v1.8.9] 11/16/2012
- Only a little graphic change in "HELP"
- Now WiiDownloader startup is little more faster.

[v1.8.8] 11/14/2012
- Fixed a problem downloading WiiFlow Forwarder in "about your wii"
- Update WAM to 2.7 in the feature for create script.

[v1.8.7] 11/14/2012
- Fixed a problem downloading more Loader in "about your wii"

[v1.8.6] 11/13/2012
- Update WAM to 2.5 in the feature for create script.

[v1.8.5] 11/13/2012
- Changed internal funciton for check/create folders.

[v1.8.4] 11/11/2012
- Added greeting at the end of tutorial ^__^

[v1.8.3] 11/11/2012
- Almost completed tutorial created and help guide.

[v1.8.2] 11/09/2012
- Only correction on text alignment

[v1.8.1] 11/09/2012
- Test version

[v1.8.0] 11/09/2012
- Only some typo error.

[v1.7.9] 11/09/2012
- Ok, fixed list of WADs in tutorial.

[v1.7.8] 11/09/2012
- The list of WAD in the guide can be not correct, I will fix as soon as possible

[v1.7.7] 11/09/2012
- Added support for help and create guide in "about your wii" menu
(versione removed for a moment, need to fix a thing)

[v1.7.6] 11/07/2012
- Now from the page for create the script for mod a wii, the application for default will use "WAM" with wilbrand. ANd WAM will be the only wad downloaded.

[v1.7.5] 11/06/2012
- Added others control when a downloaded archive contains files that are in "read only" mode. (like "Bash The Castle")

[v1.7.4] 11/04/2012
- Now application check, before copy to device, if there is necessary space available. (is difficult that can be happen.. but why don't check it? =P )
- Fixed a possible freeze starting downloading

[v1.7.3] 11/03/2012
- Little fix: I forgot to make editable "cache" in menu item, sorry

[v1.7.2] 11/03/2012
- Addedd MD5 check for all tools file.

[v1.7.1] 11/02/2012
- Little correction in "script edit" (becouse in previous version I remove use of SFK).
- Add messagge when application write data to selected device.
- Change some "ErrorMessage" in "WarningMessage" (before all was Error message...  not correct).
- Timeout set at 20 seconds (before was 15)

[v1.7] 11/01/2012
  Now WiiDownloader can be used also with no connection (but only if the files to download are just downloaded previously)
- Addedd support for russian language
- Add some message when dropbox don't be online and database or application can't be updated.
- Add some check and message when a file that must be used by wiidownloader, but is used or open by other process
- Remove use of SFK for filter dinamic link (mediafire and bootmii)

[v1.6.3] 10/30/2012
- LOL... Addoed only an intial message when WiiDownloader can't start beacuse dropbox is down.

[v1.6.2] 10/30/2012
- Added controls for haven't any crash (especially with folder open in explorer).
- Added initial check for check if network connection is available.
- Other minor chages.

[v1.6.1] 10/29/2012
- Now deleting alle file in cache, will be deleted also the files created with modmii (in the next download ALL will be recreated/downloaded)

[v1.6] 10/29/2012
- Add some cache options: enable, disable and delete alle file in cache
- Add link to 91wii.com (for chinese support forum)

[v1.5.1] 10/28/2012
- code clean

[v1.5] 10/28/2012
- BIG BIG changes: now isnt' necessary NET 4.0, but only NET 3.5... that is just necessary for ModMii. (There is no need to install too many things.)

[v1.4.5] 10/26/2012
- Add a check for ID and version in cached file

[v1.4.4] 10/26/2012
- Improved use of cache feature. Now really faster! =)
- Next step to add: free cache, disable/enalbe cache, delete all downloaded files

[v1.4.3] 10/25/2012
- Now in "Aboot your Wii", when a script will create, all information and chech box checked will be saved in settings.ini (not only FW and MacAddress)

[v1.4.2] 10/24/2012
- Only code clean

[v1.4.1] 10/24/2012
- Little typo error in editor mode

[v1.4] 10/24/2012
- Added use of "cache" also for file downloaded form url (downloading IOS or cIOS, this feature was already done in previous version)
- Add more cutosmizable text in editor mode
- Other minor graphical changes

[v1.3] 10/23/2012
- Added info about version of application and database in the main page.
- Other minor changes for haven't any freeze or crash in downloading (or when download is stopped)

[v1.2.0] 10/20/2012
- YEAAAA! FIXED! ...I'm talking about a problem that would happen (in particoular condition) using NUSD.EXE or SHARPII.EXE (too long to explain.. but now is OK)

[v1.1.9] 10/20/2012
- add other chack in case of freeze (or stopped by user) during and after use of external program. Now i hope to have take all possible case.
- Actaually I add a static timer when usign particoular external program not easy to monitorate:
  60 seconds for create a cIOS (not for download the base) and 20 second for other simply operations (that in normal condition will take 2 seconds)

[v1.1.8] 10/19/2012
- add more check using any external prgram (in case of freeze with them)

[v1.1.7] 10/18/2012
- only little layout changes

[v1.1.6] 10/18/2012
- added support for Dutch Language

[v1.1.5] 10/17/2012
- Found and fixed a possible error using the the feature for create script (alwyas caused by the add of unicode encoding creating files)

[v1.1.4] 10/17/2012
- sorry, adding the use of unicode encoding for support chinese language I broken the feature for create cIOS: fixed.

[v1.1.3] 10/17/2012
- added support for Chinese Language

[v1.1.2] 10/16/2012
- add link for changelog  in "about" menu
- add authors of translation
- add info when downloading a wad of system menù (es: RVL-WiiSystemmenu-v450 = 4.1E )

[v1.1.1] and earlier
- no changelog, sorry... but it's the first stable version! =)

------------- DATABASE -------------
[v118] 11/21/2012
- Update WAM (and WAM.it) to 2.9

[v117] 11/21/2012
- Some correction in italan turorial file

[v116] 11/18/2012
- Updated Wiiflow to 4.0.4 (r434)

[v115] 11/18/2012
- Update WAM (and WAM.it) to 2.8

[v114] 11/16/2012
- Added some WiiFlow Forwarder
- Updated FCE Ultra GX -> v3.3.2

[v113] 11/15/2012
- Updated MD5 check for all downloadable files.

[v112] 11/14/2012
- Update WAM (and WAM.it) to 2.7
- Update PimpMyWii to 2.32
- Update WAD for use Pimp Offline

[v111] 11/13/2012
- Update WAM to 2.5
- Update GX beta to r1204

[v110] 11/11/2012
- Little correction for all turorial file

[v109] 11/11/2012
- Some little correction in italan turorial file

[v108] 11/11/2012
- Added greeting in tutorial file ^__^

[v107] 11/11/2012
- Much changes in tutorial files (but actually only in italian and english)

[v106] 11/10/2012
- some correction in tutorial file

[v105] 11/09/2012
- other typo.. o___O

[v104] 11/09/2012
- Some little correction..

[v103] 11/09/2012
- Create turial files for help and tutorial
  I'm SURE that there so much error (typo.. bad english) but I'll fix next time,
  now I'm too tired.. +__+

[v102] 11/08/2012
- I forgot to include information about the size of the wad

[v101] 11/08/2012
- Added RVL-Shopping-v21 for all region in nus.ini
- Updated necessary script to Shopping-v21
- Added IOS62v6430 in Active IOS script
- Updated português ini file (thanks to NunonixXd)

[v100] 11/07/2012
- Added IOS62v6430 in nus.ini

[v99] 11/07/2012
- Added WAM 2.3 (english version).. 2.2 was only italian.

[v98] 11/06/2012
- Added some games

[v97] 11/05/2012
- Wrong image name for NeoGamma

[v96] 11/04/2012
- Some change in french ini file (thanks to bendis6)

[v95] 11/04/2012
- Little correction in chinese.ini file
- Added some Forwarder

[v94] 11/03/2012
- Add "cache" editable text in all ini files

[v93] 11/03/2012
- Updated chinese.ini file (thanks to kavid)
- Updated CFG USB Loader to r49

[v92] 11/02/2012
- Added some Forwarder (WAD - Forwarder)
- Added NeoGamma (Homebrew - Loader - Neogamma)

[v91] 10/29/2012
- Added russian.ini (but still in english)
- Added other editable message in all .ini files

[v90] 10/29/2012
- Added some editable text for cache

[v89] 10/28/2012
- Some add in chinese ini file (thanks to kavid)

[v88] 10/28/2012
- Some add in french ini file (thanks to bendis6)

[v87] 10/23/2012
- Other add in language.ini for cache fature

[v86] 10/22/2012
- Little change in some script (i must do it for the incoming "cache feature")
- Add some editable text in all languages.ini files (for editor mode)

[v85] 10/22/2012
- Completed español.ini (sorry, but I made it using google.translate....)

[v84] 10/21/2012
- update WiiFlow latest release to 4.0.3 (r433)
- Added some Forwarder (WAD - Forwarder)
- Added WiiXplorer (Homebrew - Utility)

[v83] 10/19/2012
- corrected some error in italian.ini ( LOL )

[v82] 10/18/2012
- added Dutch Language (thanks to ground)

[v81] 10/17/2012
- added Chinese Language (thanks to kavid)

[v80] 10/16/2012
- added Waninkoko WAD Manager 1.7
- update GX latest beta release to 1203
- update Genesis Plus GX to 1.7.1

[v79] and earlier
- no changelog, sorry... and I can't remeber what I add in each version.. =P


官方下 载网址:http://goo.gl/zjLEk


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要安装。net frame 4
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    K大 俺好久没接触wii了。。。
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    K大 俺好久没接触wii了。。。
最近朋友要玩 现淘宝上新机未破解的机子

用这个能 ...
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我 的下 载完打开后怎么显示应用程序错误啊?
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